July 30, 2021 - Federal Circuit Insights

Arthrex Looks to Be Going Out With a Whimper

Now that it’s been roughly a month since the Federal Circuit issued mass sua sponte Arthrex orders (which we discussed in Early Hints About What Happens Next After Arthrex), we thought it was worth checking in on what’s happening post-Arthrex. As many readers probably saw, …›

April 22, 2021 - Federal Circuit Insights

Revisiting Cancelled Oral Arguments

It has been a little while since we took a look at what—from a statistics standpoint—went down at recent oral arguments (see last post here). Since the Federal Circuit went remote, there was an initial wave of a high percentage of appeals that would …›

April 8, 2021 - Federal Circuit Insights

Will Your Appeal Have Argument Soon?

There’s a perception in the Federal Circuit bar that that Court has been scheduling cases for oral argument a bit quicker recently. Now, on some levels, it’s all relative—the Federal Circuit has always been pretty quick in getting cases to argument (see our …›